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BJP will get more seats in the assembly election and return back to power: Ratan Lal Nath

“Even if the opposition do conspiracies and hire miscreants to create a terror situation, they could not affect the BJP. BJP will get more seats in the assembly election and return back to power”.

Law Minister Ratanlal Nath said this in a press conference on Tuesday and was accompanied by BJP spokesperson Ashok Sinha and Media in-charge Subrata Chakraborty.

Nath said that opposition parties are being reduced and leaders are losing their popularity among people as the assembly election is approaching.

Therefore, they are creating terror and violence to get into power through the back door.

The law minister claimed that such a daydream of the opposition parties will not become successful. He said that it’s not 1988 or 1993, it is the year 2023.

Nath added that the face of BJP cannot be destroyed or tainted by terrorism, as the party is driven by the ideals of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He further said that people will give a proper answer to these attempts.

Referring to the violent attack on the BJP SC Morcha president Suman Das in Aralia area, MLA Ratanlal Nath also said that the barbaric incident that happened in the Banamalipur Assembly Constituency cannot be accepted.
He criticized the incident and demanded immediate arrest of offenders along with their exemplary punishment.


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