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Chief Minister emphasizes shift from atheism to faith and spirituality in Tripura

Agartala: June 02. Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha on Thursday said that an atmosphere of atheism prevailed in the state, but now the people of the state are free from such beliefs and embracing a positive shift towards faith and spirituality.

Chief Minister Dr Saha today laid foundation stone for Sri Sri Radhamdanmohan Jiu Mandir conducted by Nikhil Tripura Sri Sri Haribhakti Pracharini Sabha at Grandiose Club in Agartala.

He said during a conversation with Prabhupada Nityananda Goswami Maharaj, it was revealed that the temple’s design incorporates a comprehensive plan, including the establishment of a dental hospital with various specialized doctors.

“There was an atmosphere of atheism which was prevailing in the state, but now the people of the state are free from such beliefs and embracing a positive shift towards faith and spirituality. In the past, our busy schedules often prevented us from visiting the temple regularly. However, now that we have the opportunity to visit, the experience is bound to be transformative.

The sacred mantras and spiritual teachings within the temple have the power to uplift our minds and instill a sense of positivity. It is essential for individuals to not only focus on physical development but also nurture their intellectual and spiritual growth, as these aspects contribute to becoming well-rounded human beings”, said Dr Saha.
The CM further said that in Tripura, like in other parts of the Northeast, people are witnessing numerous challenges associated with drugs abuse.

“As responsible guardians, we should not take for granted that our children are attending school and college in a proper manner. Instead, we must actively monitor their activities, the company they keep, and guide them towards listening to the enlightening mantras and spiritual discourses imparted within the temple. By embracing the teachings of holy men and women, the younger generation can avoid many pitfalls that lie ahead, ensuring a harmonious and prosperous future”, said Dr Saha.

He further said that it is important to acknowledge that nothing is possible without God. “It is worth noting that India, despite its rich heritage, has faced the consequences of British colonization, resulting in the loss of numerous invaluable treasures. To reconnect with our cultural roots, we observe International Yoga Day on June 21st. Yoga is not merely an exercise but a pathway for individuals to explore their true selves and unlock their limitless potential. By beautifying our lives with faith, spirituality, and the practice of yoga, we can collectively strive towards personal growth, national progress, and global harmony”, he added.


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