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CM Manik Saha confident about BJP victory as party’s campaign gains momentum

Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha is confident of BJP’s win in the assembly election.
While speaking to reporters, he said that BJP will retain power, the party is getting an unprecedented response and support from people of Tripura.

CM Saha further said people will back the BJP and re-elect the party for their achievements in the last 5 years, which include developed connectivity, construction of roads and other infrastructures and restoration of peace across the state.

He added that increased social pension, resettlement of Brus with the Centre government’s help and various other achievements will give a help BJP to attain tsunami of votes in favour of the party.

While asked about the possible challenge for BJP from the Left-Congress alliance, CM said Congress and CPIM do not trust each other and made agreement just for their existence.
He added that CPM unleashed terror in the state for 25 years.

CM further said that the alliance is not being accepted by people and it will give an edge to the BJP.

He also said that TIPRA Motha’s demand for the Greater Tipraland is not practical.
CM Saha, “TIPRA Motha did politics by driving a wedge between tribals and non-tribals, but the party has political instability. People don’t support such instability”.

He added, “BJP is together with (tribe-based) Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura and will also win by a huge margin of votes in tribal areas”.


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