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CM Manik Saha inaugurated a Blood Donation Camp organized by Jubak Sangha

Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha inaugurated a Blood Donation Camp organized by the Jubak Sangha in Bordowali on Sunday.

While inaugurating the event, he said, “People are for people, which is being proved through blood donation. Since no substitute for blood has been discovered in medical science, a person can save the life of another person by donating blood. Therefore, blood donation is above all donations.”

The Chief Minister also said that the role of blood is essential in keeping the human body healthy.

He added, “Blood plays an important role in transporting proteins, vitamins, oxygen etc. in the human body. One person’s donated blood can save the lives of 3-4 patients.”.

CM Saha further said, “During the last assembly elections, a shortage of blood was observed in 12 public and 2 private blood banks of the state. After the elections, the state government made a call to remove this shortage of blood.”

Responding to this call of the state government, various social organizations including various public and private organizations are organizing blood donation camps across the state.

The Chief Minister thanked everyone for that.
He said, “The clubs can motivate everyone to do great work like blood donation. At present, the clubs involve themselves in various social activities besides the development of sports and culture.”

Chief Minister Saha also said that clubs also have to play a leading role in leading the society towards change such as the addiction problem.


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