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Covid-19 vaccination to students from different schools

With the initiative of Kumarghat Social Health Centre, total 186 students ofage 15 years to 18 years of Pahinachema Higher Secondary School and Nibedi Balika Higher Secondary Scool have received their first Covid-19 jab on January 6. Besides that, the health workers of the Health Centre urged everyone to contact their nearby hospitals in case anyone has cold, congestion, cough or throat pain and spread awareness on prevention on Covid-19 infection.

Students of age 15 years to 18 years of Takarjala Social Health Centre area were given Covid-19 vaccination jabs on January 6. Total six students of North Takarjala Higher Secondary School have received their first jab. Besides that, students were made aware on prevention of Covid-19 infection.

MPW of the Health Centre Haridas Debharma was present during the vaccination Covid-19 vaccination campaign in North Takarjala Higher Secondary School campaign.


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