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COVID: Various precautionary measures taken by the Higher Education Department of Tripura

Concerning about the rapid spread of COVID across the state the higher education department has taken some very strict and mandatory measures which would be valid from 11th of January to 15th of January, 2022.

By issuing a press release, it is being stated that all the scheduled examinations in colleges and universities would continue.

The College and University authorities have to make sure about must mask wearing, sanitization and social distancing in the premises of the institutions.

On the alternative days, the Colleges and Universities can continue classes having a cohort of 50% students.

The authorities may also run classes after making shifts and groups. For the kind convenience and safety of students, online classes can be taken if found necessary.

All the hostels would be remain closed. Tripura University, MBB University, ICFAI University and other institutions are requested to carry on the classes following strictly all the COVID guidelines. Teachers, Faculties and Staffs are ordered to go office on time regularly.


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