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CPIM activist of Mati Nagar , fultali area of North Tripura arrested in connection with drug smuggling

Badsha Mia , Son of Saru Mia, of Mati Nagar, Fultali , PS Amtali, West District has been arrested in connection with Dharmanagar PS case number 14/19 u/s 8/21(c)/29 NDPS act from Rajbari Dharmanagar.

From his possession 30000 Yaba tablet (contraband NDPS) has been seized.

During interrogation and verification of his area, it is learnt that he is a drug smuggler and CPIM activist of Mati Nagar, Fultali area of North Tripura.

His lady accomplice Hafija Begum was also arrested alongwith him.

The price of seized goods exceed Rs. 60 Lakhs. This is so far the biggest haul in Tripura and an important step in the war against drugs.

Badsha Miah is a close associate of CPIM LC member of Amtali namely Sadek Miah.


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