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CPIM claims water, work, and food crisis in Tripura’s remote regions; criticized TIPRA Motha for remaining silent on the issue

Jitendra Chaudhury, the state committee secretary of CPIM in Tripura has made a statement stating that individuals residing in remote rural areas of Tripura are experiencing acute shortages of food and water, and require employment opportunities urgently.

He has appealed to the government to act promptly to alleviate the crisis. During his visit to Longthorai Valley for political purposes, Chaudhury noticed that the residents were experiencing a scarcity of food, water, and work, which was causing various waterborne illnesses.

CPIM MLA Chaudhury has claimed that individuals living in rural areas like Gobinda Bari and Chawmanu in the Dhalai district, as well as other hilly regions, are encountering critical shortages of food and water and have contracted illnesses like diarrhea and malaria.

He has further alleged that despite being in power for a second term, no BJP MLAs or ministers have visited the area.

Chaudhury claimed the doctors at a hospital in Thalcherra have informed that the facility will remain shut for several days.

He added that when the previous left-front government was in power, drinking water was supplied to hilly areas via water tankers.
Chaudhury alleged that BJP government discontinued the water distribution as well as criticized TIPRA Motha for remaining silent on the issue


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