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CPIM held a rally with a slogan to oust BJP from Tripura

“The state of Tripura doesn’t have democracy, employment and food. Even people of Tripura lost their freedom of speech. The ruling BJP government which came to power in Tripura has taken away everything of people”. By highlighting these slogans, CPIM arranged an procession to campaign against BJP ahead of the Tripura assembly elections.

The Krishnanagar area committee of CPIM agitated by demonstrating ‘BJP Hatao’ slogan.
The CPIM supporters and activists rallied around various streets and roads of Krishnanagar area in Agartala.

While speaking to reporters, the agitating CPIM party members said, “The BJP-IPFT coalition government that came in 2018 is an anti-people government. They have taken away the democratic rights of people as well as taken away the freedom of speech of people”.

They also said that people don’t have food or employment and opposition parties also do not have freedom.


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