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CPIM opposes state govt policy to privatize education

The opposition CPIM vehemently opposed a series of decisions of the state government including the privatization of education sectors.

The veteran leader Jitendra Choudhury highlighted mostly on the burning decision of Privatising Government Institutions, Educational Sector, Job Policy deregulation and allowing third parties to operate the machinery of the government.

He firstly infuriated over the current decision of privatisation of government schools where it has been decided to hand-over the schools to private bodies at a rate of 30yrs lease. He said it is nothing but to entirely finish the education future of this state.

The decision has been issued by the government using the title “Policy to regulate and encourage private participation in school education in Tripura”.

Next, he discussed on “Vidyajyoti Schools Under Mission 100” an another controversial scheme of the government which is termed as highly discriminatory and nepotism oriented. He also slapped the government tightly for dismissing the right to form organisation in Fire Department which he found common as “a dictat of the dictatorship.


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