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‘Deep-rooted conspiracy’ to malign govt: Sushanta Chowdhury

On Wednesday again, tension spread in Charilam due to political clashes between the ruling party and CPIM.

On this day, there were programs of both CPIM and BJP parties in Charilam. CPI(M) MLA Bhanulal Saha complained that during a road meeting of CPIM in front of their party office in Charilam, stone pelting was allegedly being carried out from BJP’s Charilam Mandal office targeting CPIM’s road meeting, which heated up the situation.

It has been reported that the workers of both the parties, two journalists and public were injured due to this political clash.

The injured journalists, namely Kumar Gaurav Roy and Jyotirmoy Saha along with other injured persons were admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Later it was found that one person died in this clash, whose name is Shahid Mian and was a CPIM activist.

The police handled the situation and a large security force has been deployed in the area to prevent further clashes. However, everyone in the area is in panic.

State ICA Minister Sushanta Chowdhury said “Deep rooted conspiracy to malign govt”.

He also added, “A number of BJP workers were seriously injured in a pre-planned surprise fatal attack by CPI(M) miscreants today at Charilam. Visited GB hospital Agartala to take a note of the present health condition of injured party workers. Terrorism and violence have no place in the holy land of Tripura. Opposition evil forces are creating such violence to tarnish the development and dignity of #Charilam as well as the entire state. The well-informed citizens of the state will give a befitting reply to this despicable conspiracy organized in the state to achieve political interests in an undemocratic manner”.


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