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Deputy CM Jishnu Dev Varma virtually inaugurated 15 new Panchayat building

The state government aims to make an outline of development at the panchayat level and every panchayat a center of development.
Therefore, the current government believes more in infrastructure development than only structural development.

Deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Debbarma said this at the Secretariat on Friday at the ceremony of providing an internet connection to the new buildings of 15 Panchayats and 108 Panchayat/Village Committee offices.

He also released the report card containing the development work of the Rural Development Department this day.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that higher importance has been given to infrastructure development at the village level.

He added, “The state government does not believe in the development of villages by sitting at Secretariat. The government wants planning to be implemented from the village level as per the need and for this, the use of modern technology is required”.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that panchayat buildings play an important role in providing various services to the people of rural areas.


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