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Deputy CM slams CPIM for creating disturbance in Charilam

For many days, anti-socials from other parts are being used to create chaos and disrupt the peace in Charilam. Deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Debbarma said this while responding to the panic situation in Charilam.

Without naming the former CPIM MLA and Minister Bhanulal Saha, Deputy CM and current MLA of Charilam targeted him by saying the statement.

Deputy CM said that Charilam is a peaceful area and if someone tries to break the peace it would not be tolerated.

He added that if someone brings anti-social groups in Charilam, BJP activists and workers will surely try to stop them.

He further said that such activities are going on for a long time. He said that a former minister is entering Charilam with miscreants to disrupt peaceful atmosphere. He added although the former minister also done such activities previously after the formation of BJP-IPFT coalition government, he could not carry out his illegal activities.

Deputy CM said that BJP will not allow such disturbance in Charilam.


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