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Desh Ki Baat Foundation organised Employment Dialogue at Agartala

On 20 Dec 2021, Delegation of District Team of Desh Ki Baat Foundation shall hand over a draft of National Employment Policy to the District Magistrate in the shape of memorandum addressed to the Prime Minister said Anuragendra Nigam, Central Coordinator

‘Desh Ki Baat Foundation’ which is an ideological organization and working for Nation-Building based on the ideology of ‘Positive Nationalism’. According to Positive Nationalism, the solution to the problem of unemployment is ‘National Employment Policy’. According to ‘Positive Nationalism’, employment is not just an economic issue, but it is also a matter of everyone’s share in Nation-Building.

Desh Ki Baat Foundation held an Employment Dialogue on 30 November 2021 at Tripura Students’ Health Home.

Desh Ki Baat Foundation Central Coordinator, Anuragendra Nigam said today the country is facing the dreadful crisis of unemployment. Even with higher degrees, youth today are wandering from place to place for work. Far from creating new employment, recruitment is not being done on lakhs of vacant government vacancies across the country, where recruitment is being done, it is being done under the contract system, due to which it is difficult for people to live a dignified life despite working hard. Instead of creating new employment opportunities in the private sector also, the sword of retrenchment is hovering over the head of the people. Today, the problem of unemployment is being faced by the people of villages and cities. Today the country needs a National Employment Policy which can guarantee the employment to all the youth of India.

A thread bare discussion took place between all the participants on formulation and implementation of National Employment Policy through proper channel. The representatives of organisations appreciated the matchless efforts of Desh Ki Baat Foundation whereby the grievance of unemployed youth has been given utmost importance and also resolved to support DKB Foundation in this national cause.

Sakti Dey told that Desh Ki Baat Foundation will launch a Signature Campaign in support of National Employment Policy.


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