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Devotees can now get home delivery of ‘Prasad’ from Mata Tripura Sundari Temple

A very good news indeed, now no one has to travel or cover a 1000+ km path anymore just to get the holy offering or Prasad of Mata Tripura Sundari. The very delicious creamy milk candies which is known for its delicacy and sweetness also known for Mata Tripura Sundari’s favourite offering is now ready to reach at your doorstep.

One of the NGO named “Advance the Technology” has taken this big job granted. Now one can easily get the prasad at their doorstep by just placing an order on their official commercial website. People of Agartala also can order the same in the same way.

Mata Tripura Sundari Temple which is located in Udaipur sub-division, Gomati, Tripura has a very vast unravelled history. This is also among one of the Shaktipeeths mentioned in the Puranas and Vedas. It is believed that Mata Sati’s big toe finger has had fallen over that place where the temple is present today.

Thousands of folklores, traditional customs, emotion and beliefs are intertwined with this temple. From the ancient times, it is regarded as one of the most important pilgrimage destination.

Established by the Royal Tipra King, Dhanyamanikya in the 1501 AD; this temple has been an witness of the golden glorious journey of Tripura.

From tourists to Sages, common public to VIPs everyone just love to visit this temple when there is a chance. No doubt, It is the holiest sacred pivotal spiritual capital of the North-East India after the Kamakhya of Guwahati.

The newly formed BJP-IPFT led Government is trying hard to promote this place at the global arena. Recently it has become much popular after getting wide tourist recognition as well as newly availed schemes and facilities by the Tripura Government.


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