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Different development works done in Jolaibari block under MGNREGA

In the Financial Year 2021-22, about 72 work orders has been created under Kalashimukh ADC Village, Jolaibar RD Block for implementations of various developmental works under MGNREGA scheme.

Out of 72 work orders, about 64 developmental works have been completed 29 land levelling works have been undertaken and completed under MGNREGA.

The work of land levelling has been completed spending Rs 2.507,432.

The work of flood diversion and channel construction has been completed under Kalashimukh ADC Village spending Ra 1, 322,473.

About 16 works like constructions of roads has been completed spending Rs 1.558,698.

OneCheck Dams will be constructed across a natural streams water bodyunder MGNREGA where Rs 2, 01.782 will be spent involving 994 mandays under Kalashimukh ADC Village.


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