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Diwali special trains for pilgrims

Ahead of the Diwali festival at Matabari temple the railway authorities had given confirmation to begin special railway services between Dharmanagar, Agartala and Udaipur.

According to the information furnished by the officials today altogether 4 trains will be made operational following the Diwali festival on November 06 and 07 next.

On the 6th November next the first train will set for journey towards Udaipur on 10:30 which will return back on 12:00, the next one from Agartala is scheduled to leave for Udaipur on 15:00 and will come back on 16:25 and the last one is scheduled to start from Agartala on 21:45 night and will come back on 11:15 late in the night.

On 7th November also the trains will follow the schedule including a new one in the wee hours of morning. On second day of the festival the first train will leave for Udaipur on 3:45 morning and will return back on 5:00 o’clock.

On the other hand, the special train that will connect Dharmanagar and Udaipur will begin its journey on 08:45 am morning and will return to its starting point on 7:00 pm followed by stops in Kumarghat, Ambassa, Jirania and Agartala on both the days.


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