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“Don’t need to go for rehabilitation to free oneself from addiction”: CM Biplab Deb

It is only after 2018, that people of this state have started dreaming about an “addiction free healthy state”.

The mass investment of time and effort of this newly established government in their cornerstone mission “Nesha Mukt Tripura” is really working out and is turning out to be a success with a passing day.

The recent data says it all. In the inauguration event of “Prantik Utsav” Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb lauded the role of women especially for curbing the drug spread in the state in the last three years.

Meaning their magnanimous role and contribution in this mission he said a guy don’t need to go for rehabilitation for detoxifying him.

It is our mothers and sisters who can take care of them and help them to get out from the addiction completely.

He also praised the role of the clubs in controlling the drug abuses to a large extent in these years.

He lastly urged the common people to become more aware and vigilant about the drug business going around them.

He asked everyone’s support in fighting jointly this dirty trend rapidly spreading across the state.


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