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Ducklings distributed in Jirania block under CMSPY

Ducklings were distributed to 44 beneficiary families of Jirania block under Jiranis sub-division under Chief Minister Swanirbhar Parivar Yojama on December 13 with the uutiative of animal resources development department through a programme af deputy director’s office prenses.

ARDD Jirania sub-division, Eleven beneficiaries from Harijoy Chowdhury Para Gram Panchayat, 11 from SN Colony Gram Panchayat, 11 from East Barjala Gram Panchayat and 11 beneficiaries from Madhya Debendranagar Gram Panchayat of Jirania block benefitted under this.

Each beneficiary family was given 10 ducklings along with cage and 2 kilograms of duck feed 1 thousand 300 rupees was spent on each beneficiary. Total amount of 57 thousand rupees was spent in the distribution.

Upaprachan of Harijoy Chowdhury Para Gram Panchayat Samar Kanti Das was present in the distribution programme.


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