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Due to the heavy heatwave situation across the state, the demand for electricity has increased drastically: Ratan Lal Nath

“Due to the heavy heatwave situation across the state, the demand for electricity has increased drastically.

The electricity demand in the state was 357.4 MW yesterday, which is the most for a single day this year. The demand for electricity is much higher than during Puja days”

Power Department Minister Ratanlal Nath said this at a press conference in his office room at the Secretariat on Wednesday.

He said, “Despite the increased demand for electricity, the electricity service in the state is normal. Arrangements are being made to supply electricity by purchasing power from outside the state to provide uninterrupted power service to the customers.”

The Power Minister also said, “Some customers are using an excessive amount of electrical appliances without the permission of the power department. Due to which many times the stress on the nearby transformers in the concerned area gradually increases as well as the probability of transformer failure increases.”

The Power Minister asked the electricity customers to refrain from using excess electricity in this situation.

He also asked to give accurate information about their valid electricity consumption to the Power Department and for permission to use additional electricity.

Nath added, “All levels of workers of the electricity department are making relentless efforts to provide uninterrupted power services to the state.Various services are available 24 hours a day to provide customer service.”

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