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Education Sector to be revolutionised soon in Tripura: Ratan Lal Nath

The Department of Education has taken initiative to improve the quality of education by utilizing the resources of various schools in the rural areas of the state where the number of students is zero or very naked.

In this case, the Department of Education has called upon various well-known organizations of the country involved in the management of the education system to run those schools. Education Minister Ratan Lal Nath said this at a press conference held at the press conference hall of the Secretariat.

He said that the cabinet had decided on October 26, 2021 that the education department would take initiative to provide quality education through various agencies by utilizing the infrastructure of all the schools where the attendance rate of students is zero or very low.

He said there are about 4200 schools in the state. Of these, about 2,600 schools are run directly by the state government and 1,630 schools are run by ADC.

Among the schools run by the state government, there are 3 schools with student enrollment, 3 schools have 1 student, 1 school has 2 students and 2 schools have 3 students. Among the schools run by ADC, there are 4 schools where the number of students is zero, 2 schools have 1 student and 4 schools have 2 students. The number of students in these schools has been like this for a long time. The state government is trying to introduce those schools.

That’s why Education Department has decided to expand quality education by running those schools through various reputed educational institutions of the country.In this case, the educational institutions have to be qualified to conduct education for about 1500 students in at least 2 CBSE approved schools of the country or if there is only one school, there must be at least 1000 students and students must have 75% marks in 12th standard examination for 3 consecutive years.

According to the Minister of Education, all the schools which will be handed over to the educational institutions due to the shortage of students , will be provided with books, clothes and other facilities by the state government.

In addition, 25 per cent seats in those schools will be reserved for poor students. The state government will cover the cost of books, clothes and education of those poor students.

The Department of Education has adopted this policy to further enhance the quality of education among the rural students. He said that for the last few days, a small part of the state has been misleading the people of the state by hiding the truth and revealing false information.

The education minister has urged the state education department not to misinterpret the initiative and bring disaster to the education system.


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