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ENT doctors in GBP Hospital saved a tribal minor girl’s life

AGMC and GBP Hospital is gaining faith of general public through successful surgeries one after another.

A 11-year-old girl, NijuDebbarma’s life was saved by doctors of ENT department. Resident of Salema area under Dhalai district, Niju Debbarma was having difficulty in breathing as a tamarind seed was stuck Inside her lungs. On January 30, she was brought to Dhalai District Hospital in Kutal Tracheostomy surgery was done primarily in the hospital. Later she was referred to GBP Hocoital on January 31.

After some tests in the ENT department, it was found that her right lung was almost not functioning as the tamarind seed was stuck maide. The doctors then and there decided to perform the complex surgery. On February 1, a medical team under the leadership of Head of the ENT department of GBP Hospital Dr. Biolab Nath performed a Bronchoscopy surgery.

The complex surgery went on for about two and half hours. medical team had Dr. Sankar Sarkar, Dr. Bhupendra Debbarma, Dr. Sutap Bhattacharjes, Dr. Shatabd Das, Anaesthesiologist Dr. Bhaskar Majumdar and other staffs.

The surgery was done completely free of cost. The present condition of the patient has been informed to be stable. This was informed in a press release issued by the Director of Health department.


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