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Entrepreneurs in the state should be encouraged to set up industries: CM

Investment in industries is necessary to accelerate the economic development of the state which is why more entrepreneurs in the state should be encouraged to set up industries.

The state has now an ideal environment and potential for setting up industries. The Department of Industries and Commerce must take the initiative to harness this potential, stated Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb in a review meeting of Industries and Commerce department at the Secretariat on 1 October.

He said, for industrial development in the state, emphasis should be given on setting up industries based on the various products produced in the state.

In this case, he emphasized on setting up industries based on state’s bamboo, rubber, honey, etc. resources.

He also asked the concerned department to take necessary steps to pursue Bangladeshi entrepreneurs for industrial investment in the state.

He said, there is scope for setting up power intensive industry in the state. Besides, industrial units of rubber wood furniture, transformer making units, LED bulbs etc. can be set up in the state. Development of this industry will improve the economic condition of the state as well as create employment opportunities. He also emphasized attracting major investors from outside the state to set up industries in Sabroom special economic zone.

At the same time, he laid special emphasis on building more manufacturing units in the state. The Chief Minister expressed that as a result there would be employment opportunities for the local people of the state.

He advised the department to take up necessary initiatives for setting up a border haat at Simna.

He also ordered the department to complete setting up of other border haats in different parts of the state. He advised to improve the condition of already running border. haats. He asked the department to take necessary steps to further expand the scope of trade and commerce in the state through Integrated Check Posts.

He emphasized on regular monitoring by the department of Industries and Commerce to ensure proper implementation of central and state projects, staying in touch with banks for the same.

At the meeting, the Chief Minister emphasized on training of calligraphers and electricians and asked the department to take necessary steps to undertake such training programs on a large scale across the state. Chief Minister also advised the department to organise different yearly fairst focusing on various sectors at Hapania.


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