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Fact Check: Regarding death of an infant at Teliamura SDH

” Myths and facts : Regarding death of an infant at Teliamura SDH today”

It has come to the knowledge of the department that in some parts of Khowai district there is a myths or rumours that an infant died after feeding breast milk of her mother who had recieved Covid 19 vaccination on 27.07.21.

As a matter of a fact the infant was having fever for 7 – 8 days and without medical treatment.

Moreover without consultation the infant was given Syrup Paracetamol which was arranged locally.

Today the condition of the child had detoriated and on the way to Teliamura SDH the infant died.

The unfortunate death has no relation with Covid 19 vaccination of her mother.

So it is for your all kind information that COVID-19 vaccination is safe for Lactating mother and don’t believe the rumors or myths.

Covid 19 vaccine is safe for all ,so please don’t concentrate on the rumors and play a vital role in 100% vaccination of the community in larger interest.


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