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Farmer’s Confidence Have Been Improving Because Of Right Plans and Policies: Biplab Deb

After the power shift of CPIM from the government in 2018, the experts are believing that State’s Agricultural Sector is going through massive reformations and revolutionary phases.

The new BJP-IPFT led government is in taking and adopting every possible plan to increase the per capita income of the farmers.

Dedicating the farmers of this state, CM Biplab Kumar Deb on Sunday gave his far sighting speech at Town Hall in which he mainly raises the concern on technological advancement in farming, minimum input maximum output and many such agendas.

He along with other dignitaries of “Krishi Snatak Samiti” launched their vision pamphlet at the 10th Convention event of their samiti.

Moreover, the managing body also handed over a check of Rs. 51,000 in CM’s Relief Fund. After the intro session, CM Biplab Deb said that “Due to effective crop policing the current MSP of paddy in the state is Rs. 19.40/- per kg.

Every month, the farmer’s income has now increased from Rs.6580 to maximum Rs. 11,093.

Now, not a single farm land got spoiled and sale in loss due to our effective farming policy. The farmers of our state has found a new way of becoming Atmanirbhar by selling Pineapples, Jack fruit, Bamboo, Tamarind, Bettle Nuts, Fruits like Mosambi, Orange, Apples and Dragon fruits.


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