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Finance Minister inaugurates State Level Under 17 Girls’ School Football Competition

Finance Minister Pranajit Singha Roy inaugurated the state-based under-17 girls’ school football in Udaipur on Tuesday.
While inaugurating the event, he said, “Advanced sports infrastructure is being developed in the state.

The government has taken this initiative so that the children of the state can develop their talent at the national and international level.”
MLA Rampada Jamatia, MLA Abhishek Debroy, MLA Jitendra Majumder, Udaipur Municipal Council Chairperson Sheetal Chandra Majumdar, Director of Youth Affairs and Sports Department Satyavata Nath and many others were present at the inaugural function.

The Acting President of the Gomati Zilla Parishad Deval Debroy presided over the opening ceremony.

Sports schools from 8 districts of the state and Tripura Sports School participated in the competition. In the first match of the competition, Khowai District defeated South Tripura District 2-0.


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