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For the welfare of farmers, government is always kind and supportive : Agriculture Minister

On Thursday, while on visit at Dukli Block’s affected agriculture sites due to last heavy rainfall; the Agriculture Minister Pranajit Singha Roy has assured all the aids and supports of his government to the affected farmers of there.

Talking about the present scenario, he said “Our government is working for the economical progress of the farmers of our state.

We always give our first priority to the farmer’s welfare and their income growth. Under the supervision of PM Modi, our government is working for the progress of farmers in our state.

In the past few years, massive growth in farmer’s income has been achieved after implementation of central as well as state benefic schemes.

We are always supportive and kind with our farmers” he said. After his short public address, he visited the newly agri owned sites where many varieties of organic vegetables, fruits, spices and corns have been growing by the local poor farmers.

Being got highly impressed after visiting these sites he said, “The local farmers has set a new record in the field of unique cultivation. It is very interesting and impressive that how they have planned to grow such unique fruits and vegetables clearing the abandoned jungles and open spaces. We must support their work.”

After that, he has distributed many seeds among the farmers.


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