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Four former minister of Left Government held a joint Press Conference today

While addressing media, MLA Badal Chawdury said,”we met the Chief Minister of Tripura centering two issues.

The first issue was a demand from the State Government to help us in opening closed party offices in jote-lands.

Chief Minister is also the party president of BJP and this task goes to both the rulling party as well as to the administration.

The 2nd issue was arrangement of Security for the opposition leaders.

Badal Chowdury also mentioned in CPIM era all the MLA and the oppositon leaders get special escots, whereas now the Ex Ministers and MLA’s are getting only two constables and for them duty for whole day is becoming touf.

Many leaders didnot get any escots whereas in CPIM era each and every leaders got escots.

According to Ex minister Badal chowdury Chief minister said that he would look in to the matter.

Badal Chowdury further said that many party offices, just 10 percent area left as disputed and for that the whole party offices should not be bulldosed and CPIM is ready to give the premium of such disputed lands.

CPIM has also taken legal step to save those offices.

And after that MP Jitendra Chowdury said while addressing media, “Day by Day attacks upon the opposition leaders are increasing, party offices are forced to stay shutdown. In this conditon, political initiative should be taken by the rulling party to ensure the democratic environment of the state”.


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