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Gopal Roy,PCC vice president mocks 7th CPC

The PCC vice president and former three-time MLA Gopal Roy has lashed out at the BJP-IPFT government for allegedly perpetrating a ‘Jumla’ in the name of implementing the 7th CPC for state’s employees and pensioners. ‘What they have done is that they have increased the multiplication factor from 2.25 given earlier by the left front to 2.57 which will give only a nominal increase; there is not a word on any rise in allowances including DA which has reached 9% in dues; what kind of 7th CPC is this; there is also not even a word on house  rent allowance’ said Gopal Roy.

He said that the state government should clarify its stand on payment of 9% outstanding DA and other allowances on the basis of new basic pay by adding .32 multiplication factor. ‘I am told in private conversations the ministers said that DA would be given and there would be no ceiling on house rent allowance but this is not trustworthy; they must make a formal statement ; what they have otherwise given is not 7th CPC but an apology for it; the entire thing should be relooked’ said Gopal Roy.


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