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Government has taken different initiatives so that the pineapple farmers get their fair prices: Agriculture Minister

The central government has taken initiative to build Sepahijala district into a production centre of the Queen Pineapples For this purpose, 65 crore rupees will be invested under central scheme. Through this, 2 thousand 500 Queen Pineapple farmers of the district will be benefitted, enunciated Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare Minister Pranajit Singha Roy after inaugurating a workshop at Bishramganj Multi-purpose Hall today, which was conducted for pineapple farmers of the district with the joint initiative of National Horticulture Board and Horticulture & Soil Conservation department. An exhibition of Queen Pineapples was also organized on the occasion.

The Agriculture & Farmers Welfare Minister said, the government after taking over, has taken different initiatives so that the pineapple farmers get their fair prices. Marketing and export of the state-grown pineapples have been arranged and the pineapple farmers are getting their fair prices Although, Queen Pineapples are being grown in different districts, its production is more in Sepahijala district Which is why, initiative has been taken to turn Sepahijala district into the main production centre of Queen Pineapples with the financial assistance of National Horticulture Board.

The Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare Minister said, there is a huge scope of producing agriculture and horticulture crops and fruit in our state. Paying utmost importance to this possibility, the present government has given utmost priority to the production agriculture and horticulture crops and fruit. This will not only develop rural economy but benefit the farmers Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given much attention to development in agriculture sector.

The central govemment has taken different steps to double farmers’ income. All the benefits of farmer welfare schemes are being catered to the farmers of remote areas of the state. Such workshops will encourage the pineapple farmers to do farming in advanced ways


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