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Government is working with a friendly attitude with the media and journalist: ICA Minister

The present government is working with a friendly attitude with the media and journalist since it came into power. This is reflected in the various steps taken for the welfare of the media personnel.

An interactive meeting was held with the initiative of Information & Cultural Affairs department at the State Guest House yesterday in order to bring more media personnel under health insurance. Information & Cultural Affairs Minister said the state government is working on the socio-economic development of the media and journalists.

The state government has taken initiative to provide health insurance facility to the journalists. Only those journalists who have an accreditation card will be able to take the health insurance facility.

He therefore asked the owner and representatives of various media houses of the state present in the meeting to ensure that the benefits of health insurance reach more journalists.

In this regard, he said, the number of joumalists who have accreditation cards is possible to increase further Initiatives will be taken to issue accreditation cards to eligible persons associated with journalism in the state according the guidelines of the department.

ICA Minister also said, the Chief Minister is also generous enough to ensure that journalists get more health insurance benefits ICA Minister asked the media personnel present in the meeting to send names to provide accreditation cards.

Secretary of Agartala Press Club Pranab Sarkar in the meeting said, the image of the state government is associated with the accreditation card. In this case, the department should work keeping eye upon the matter that this card is not used illegally.

Secretary of ICA department Dr P. K Goyal informed, the department will consider everyone’s proposals to simplify the accreditation policy in future. The meeting was presided over by Director of ICA department Ratan Biswas


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