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Govt has given utmost importance to the development of agriculture: RatanLal Nath

The government has given utmost importance to the development of agriculture and the welfare of farmers to make the state self-reliant.

That is why various schemes of the central and state governments are being delivered to the farmers of the state.

Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Ratanlal Nath said this while inaugurating a discussion round on Kharif Abhiyan at the old town hall of Amarpur today.

During the discussion, the agriculture minister said that our country is an agricultural country. Tripura is no exception. The development of rural economy of this state depends on agriculture and agriculture related sectors. He said on scientific farming to increase the production of agricultural products in the state.

Emphasis is given. For this, farmers are being assisted with advanced agricultural machinery. The government is buying paddy at subsidized prices to increase farmers’ income


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