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Govt hikes Limit of poll expenses for candidates

On Monday, in an official press meet the Deputy Chief Election Commissioner has notified the media and press about the paradigm decision of increasing the expenditure limit for candidates be fighting elections of Lok Sabha as well as Vidhan Sabha.

From now on, every candidate of the state who would be contesting in the LS election can spend money up to a limit of 95 lakhs.

In 2014, the limit was 70 lakh rupees. Moreover, candidates fighting the Vidhan Sabha or State Legislative Assembly can spend up to a limit of 28 lakhs.

In 2014, the rate was set at 20 lakhs. Whereas, 10% increment was seen in the year 2020. But in comparison to 2020, a massive increment has been made this year jumping straight away from 2014 with a rate of 12.23%.

Total voters in the country is 93 cr 60 lakhs. Also, leaping downwards from 2014-15, at presently 2021-22 the “Cost Inflation Index” of India jumps from 240 to 317.

The overall increment Rate is 32.08% today. “Respecting this way long demand of all big and small political parties and accepting the advice of advisory body the following decision has been made, said the official.


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