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Govt is committed to solve the basic problem of people in the state: Dr Manik Saha

Chief Minister Prof. Dr Manik Saha on Saturday stated that the present BJP led state government is committed to solve the basic problem of people in the state.

“The present government led by Bharatiya Janata Party is committed to solving the basic problems of common people. This government wants to bring good governance to every family of the state with the aim of ‘Good governance in every home’. Apart from this, the state government wants to implement the promise made to the people of the state during the assembly elections to build a better Tripura”, said Chief Minister Dr Saha

A day after his visit to Delhi, the chief minister again listened to the people’s various problems at the official residence in the capital Agartala on Saturday.

One of the duties and responsibilities of the chief minister is to know about people’s problems and solve them properly. For the past few weeks, Chief Minister Professor Dr. Manik Saha has been meeting people regularly whenever he gets time.

During the meeting, he learns about the various problems of people.

On Saturday morning too, the Chief Minister faced the common people at his official residence where the people have flagged various common issues.

Top officials of the state administration, including the Chief Minister, became aware of the problems of the people.

Later, the Chief Minister said, “Our government is constantly working to solve the various problems of the people. In order to deliver the government more simply to the citizens, today I came to know about the various problems of the people in my official residence. I direct the officials of the concerned departments to take necessary steps to resolve these issues properly”.

During the meeting with the people on this day, Chief Minister’s Office Secretary PK Chakraborty, Health Department Secretary Dr. Debashis Basu and other officials were present.


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