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Govt Releases Guidelines For Durga Puja Celebrations

The Tripura government on Monday issued a fresh set of guidelines for the committees and organisers ahead of the Durga Puja celebration in the state.

Guidelines for Durga puja and other puja celebrations in Tripura during October to December, 2021.

  1. It is mandatory for all Clubs/Puja Committees/Household Puja Organizers to take prior permission for Puja celebration from District Administration/Police Administration and other concerned Departments.
  2. In view of Covid situation, the subscriptions may be voluntary.
  3. The Clubs/Puja Committees may try to introduce system of collection of donation/subscription through online to avoid visit of homes and personal interaction. They may circulate bank details in case such arrangements are adopted.
  4. Effort should be made by Municipal bodies to reduce the number of pandals through mutual consultation so that there are no pandals in close vicinity.
  5. The DM & Collectors may implement additional measures within their jurisdiction as per their local assessment and in the line with activities permitted by Government of Tripura for which orders issued under Disaster Management Act, 2005 from time to time.

Puja Pandals / Mandops:

  1. Narrow entry-exit system & obstructions for movement and viewing should be avoided. Pandals/Mandops should be designed in such a way that idol is clearly visible from a distance. Preferably multiple entry/ exits for the visitors should be ensured.
  2. Only 5 to 10 visitors should be allowed at a time in front of the pandal maintaining physical distance at least one meter. Proper marking for standing of visitors behind the persons in front should be done by the Puja Organizers.
  3. Sufficient place for visitors in front of the pandals/Mandops should be arranged by the Organizers.
  4. Required number of volunteers should be kept ready for maintaining physical distancing of the visitors in coordination with security personnel. Volunteers should ensure that only limited numbers of visitors are allowed entry at a time to maintain social distancing.
  5. All the member of the Organizing Committees/volunteers and visitors should wear mask during Puja days. The Organizing Committees should arrange sufficient mask to distribute if any visitor comes without a mask. Hand sanitizers/hand wash should be arranged for all visitors at entry point as well as common areas.
  6. All the Puja pandals should be sanitized at least three times every day. The bamboo, rope etc., used for regulating crowd may particularly be sanitized on regular interval. Necessary arrangements may be made for the same.


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