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Govt sympathetic to 10,323: Manik Saha

All Tripura 10323 Victimised teacher organisation organised a state level meeting at the Rabindra Satavarshiki Bhawan. The BJP State incharge Vinod Sonkar was present as the Chief Guest in the meeting. Also, special presence of some important political figures like the BJP State President Dr. Manik Saha.

The Hall was full with the gathered teachers from across the state. While delivering his speech, Dr. Manik Saha showed his grave concern and care over the hapless condition of terminated 10323 teachers.

He said that the government as well as the Chief Minister himself is also sympathetic towards them. He also blatantly criticised the previous left government for their immoral job policy causing savagery to their lives which clearly made them responsible for their job loss.

The BJP State incharge Vinod Sonkar said the government is sympathetic to the teachers who lost their jobs following the court’s order “The state government is still worried about the issue and also trying to solve the problem,” he said.


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