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Govt Trying To Do Something For 10,323 Sacked Teachers: Tripura CM Manik Saha

Tripura Assembly Election 2023 is not far.
Within a few days, the date of the election will probably be announced.

In this situation, will the state government take any decision about the 10323 unemployed teachers?

This question is swirling in the atrium of state politics. In this situation, Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha practically gave a message of hope for 10323 unemployed teachers.

On Monday, the Chief Minister went out for door-to-door campaigning in his assembly constituency.

In the meantime, while talking to the media, the Chief Minister gave a message of hope to the 10323 unemployed teachers.

He said, “He is talking to legal experts. Let’s see what can be done’. The hopeful message gave an extent of patience to 10323 unemployed teachers.

CM Dr. Manik Saha started Door to Door Campaign in Agartala


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