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Health Dept Negligence: A Covid Negative person sent to COVID care Centre in Tripura

On Friday, a mind-boggling news has come into notice of Tripuranewslive.

Rabiul Malik, a victim who has claimed that he has been thugged by the State Health Administration.

Booking him under corona suspicion / quarantine issue he has been held hostage forcefully in PaniSagar COVID care center.

After receiving a negative report of corona test of a person named Rabiul Malik from outside the state early this morning, he was sent to Panisagar Covid Quarantine Center.

In his Covid test report he has been detected Negative.

But instead of being having Covid Antigen Negative report, he has been held hostage forcefully in Panisagar COVID care center.

However, later, when the incident came into notice, the Health Staff issued a false Covid Positive Report of the same person on the same day.

This has completely shuddered the minds of the common people of this state.

He alleged that the state health department doing scam with his health condition and tried to fell him in false corona case trouble.


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