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High level meeting on “Jal Jeevan Mission” at secretariat

High level meeting on “Jal Jeevan Mission” at secretariat

On Tuesday, a high level review meeting has been chaired by the Deputy Chief Minister Joshnu Dev Varma along with the DWS Minister and board of secretaries regrading the installation of power transformers and connectivity in those areas which are till date deprived of proper power connection.

This will automatically enhance the probability of smooth implementation of the “Jal Jeevan Mission” project in Tripura.

Deputy CM, Jishnu Debbarma with the DWS Minister, Sushanta Chowdhury convened the meeting where officers to secretaries of the department were present.

Stating the media, he said that ” Our government’s mission is to ensure successful water supply connectivity in every household of the state. We are committed to provide free and crystal clear drinking water service to every citizen of this state and very soon we will make it happen”.

In the said meeting it is decided that that in 1 month the department is planning to plant 181 transformers across the state. Also, to plant 722 small bore deep tube well further power connection works to be finished by that time. It’s outcome would be 30 thousand successful water supply connectivity just after these targeted transformers and power lines are established in the state.

The chief engineer of the DWS department, Rajiv Debbarma also showed his eagerness and discussed in length about the rapid execution of the plan under ” Jal Jeevan Mission Tripura”.


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