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His sacrifice will forever inspire every Indian’; Tribute To Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on his 125 birth anniversary

Agartala, January 23, 2022: “A Man, a son, a true patriot for whose sacrifice today we see the tricolor flying high in the glorious sky of our motherland.

Still it would be less to describe this colossus nationalist soul in words. Today, the entire is celebrating his 125th birth anniversary. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, is seen and respected in today’s date as a “bigger than life” personality, popularly as a national icon.

Born in Cuttack, brought up in Calcutta this Bengali guy has had rocked the world during the war hours of Second World War with is indomitable never giving up fighting spirit and devotion towards the motherland with this only dream to liberate his motherland at any cost from the dominion of the alien imperial Britishers.

He almost covered half of the globe just to make sure the absolute defeat of British forces in the WWII as well as in the freedom struggle of India.

He was a man of uncompromising standard for that he better chose to walk away from the post of Congress President boldly in 1939.

His military diplomatic calibre and political merit even made then mammoth world leaders like Hitler, Mussolini subservient in their own political affairs.

The man who recharged and ignited the Indian war prisoners in foreign lands of Germany and Japan with the only mantra to fight for the prestige and honour of their motherland needs no furthermore compliments as we believe it would be also too less to portray his king size appearance and role in liberating India from the British Colonial Rule.

Where previously, 23rd January in our country has had been better celebrated as an off day or partying day; now this trend has been slowly changing as we are witnessing massive excitement and curiosity in the young minds regarding Netaji, about his life, role in India’s Independence and his puzzled death conspiracy which is now very popular on various digital sites and which also can be better noticed on social media, news channel debates and Youtube live session.

Moreover, after coming to power in 2014, Central BJP government is seen much interested and concerned regarding paying and returning all the pending deserved tributes, honour and respect which the Congress government had has failed paying to him in all their tenures.

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also going to unveil a hologram statue of “Grand Netaji Bose” till the replacement of it with the original one at the exact same place where once statue of British King George V used to be seen before 1968.

Experts believe it is the biggest honour and tribute that the Government of India is paying to this Pious Nationalist soul. Although, in state the very popular “23rd January Special Netaji Rally” organised each year by Netaji Subhas Vidyaniketan School and Alumni has been cancelled this year taking the seriousness of COVID situation in the state. Last but not the least, today is special not only for we Indians, but for every nationalist in this world who know how nationalism is be achieved at the price of blood and self-sacrifice.


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