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ICA Minister inaugurates farmer’s knowledge centre at Majlishpur

The government has taken a multifaceted plan for the welfare of farmers of the state.
The state government is providing various modern agricultural machinery to increase the income of the farmers.

Besides, Krishi Gyanarjan Center (Farmer Knowledge Center) is also being opened to acquire knowledge in the field of agriculture so that the farmers do not have to face any difficulty in producing the crops of their land.

The area MLA and Information and Cultural Affairs Minister Sushanta Chowdhury said this while inaugurating the Farmer Knowledge Center in Majlishpur on Wednesday.

He added, “Now the administration is going to the people. People do not have to go to the administration. Therefore, the aim is to open such educational centers in every block of the state. 58 lakh rupees have been spent on the construction of the newly constructed Krishak Gyanarjan Kendra funded by the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund”.

He also said, “farmers are the food providers of this country. So farmers need to be empowered. If the farmers are strong, the economy of the country or state will be strong. The state and the central government are working on various schemes to make the farmers economically self-reliant. With the inauguration of this knowledge center, farmers in the region now need not go far for advice”.


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