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ICA Minister inaugurates paddy procurement at Jirania

The country’s economy is based on agriculture.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken various schemes to double the income of farmers. The state government is also taking various steps for the economic development of farmers in the state.

Information and Cultural Affairs Minister Sushanta Chowdhury said this while introducing the program to purchase paddy at the minimum support price at Jirania Madhabbari food warehouse on Wednesday.

He added, “Paddy is purchased twice a year from the farmers at minimum support price. The program has been started in different parts of the state under the initiative of the Food & Public Distribution Department and with the support of the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare”.

The ICA Minister further said, “This program has been going on since the establishment of the present government. Paddy is being purchased at the rate of 20 rupees 40 paisa per kg this year, which was 19 rupees 40 paisa last year”.

He claimed that the demands of the farmers are being met without agitation in the state.
He also said that once the farmers lost their enthusiasm because earlier paddy was not purchased at this subsidized price. Now the farmers are happy and encouraged.


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