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If necessary, positive steps will be taken to set up a police station in Jubarajnagar: Chief Minister

While setting up a new police station anywhere in the state, the law and order situation at that place, the distance from the existing police station, etc., all are considered.

Chief Minister Dr Manik Saha said this in response to the attention catching notice brought by MLA Malina Debnath in the first half of the Assembly on Monday.

The attention-grabbing notice was “Regarding the necessity of setting up a Police Station in Jubarajnagar Assembly Constituency”.

Chief Minister Manik Saha said that Jubarajnagar Assembly Constituency consists of 3 Village Committees, 17 Gram Panchayats and the total population is about 75 thousand.
He said that at present all these Gram Panchayats and Village Committees are under Dharmanagar and Panisagar Police Station.
The distance of various Gram Panchayats and Village Committees from the police stations is around 12-13 km.

He added that there is an SPO camp in Anandabazar area under Dharmanagar police station from where these areas are regularly patrolled.

There is also a BSF camp at Baithongbari under Dharmanagar police station.

The Chief Minister said that although there is no government plan to set up a police station in the Jubarajnagar Assembly constituency area, if necessary, positive steps will be taken for this purpose in the coming days.


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