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Illegally occupied land demolished in Agartala

There is a famous English proverb “Edifices made of vices doesn’t stand very long.” The same has been proved, when the officials from Agartala Municipal Corporation were seen dismantling the illegally made political party office of MLA Asish Saha near Jackson Gate, in the heart of the city Agartala.

AMC Commissioner Dr. Shailesh Yadav with his task force along with a bulldozer demolished the entire building today which was actually made illegally on an illegally seized government land by the then opposition leader and current BJP MLA Ashish Saha.

The actual culprits behind illegally owning this 8 ganda plot are MLA Ashish Saha, TMC leader Subal Bhowmik and many big heads the reports are revealing.

While knowing the actual reason behind this special drive from the AMC Commissioner point of view.

He said, “This is just the beginning. In future also such illegally owned government properties would be recovered ignoring all political, social and religious impediments. Such drives of AMC would continue.”


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