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“Is India turning into a complete racial State?”: CPIM Leader Jitendra Chaudhury

Former Left MP Jitendra Chowdhury alleges harrasment in a Lab in Delhi today.

In his social media post CPIM Leader Jitendra Chaudhury said “Today Dr Lal Pathslab at Canaught Place, New Delhi refused to receive my blood sample, simply becoz the seal of the Physician on the precription was not distinct. Even my ID and CGHS Card etc. failed to convince them that I am a bonafide citizen of this country. From there, while I went to Parliament Annexe, for putting the seal again, I have to face another amount of humiliation”.

He aslo added in his statement “One Dr. Taneja has misbehaved with me like anything, reason why I approached him for further putting the seal. Only when I compelled to show him my colour then only he stopped”.

He said “This is very unfortunate, even after seven & half decades of our independence the people of North East are treated indiscriminately like this, very particularly in North India, becoz of their face and complexion”.


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