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Is NLFT trying to revive strength in Tripura ?

The Biswamohan wing of the banned militant group NLFT has been increasingly as per source challenging the BSF Tripura branch and the state police, which has been establishing bases in the border areas of Bangladesh for years.

On the one hand, where a section of them is surrendering to the BSF and the state police, another section is constantly throwing challenges.

In this matter, it is clearly understood that the NLFT does not want to back down from aggressive activities.

Militants who surrendered on behalf of the NLFT Bishwamohan group in the state claimed that there are many members of this militant group in Bangladesh or other countries who want to harm Tripura as well as scattered in different border areas of the state.

Although the militants who surrendered and their associates claimed so, the state police’s statement was a little different. The former Director General of Police claimed that very few NLFT militants are staying in Bangladesh.
However, one incident after another proves that the terrorist violence has not decreased at all.

Notably, the Biswamohan group of the NLFT militant group has been targeting the BSF continuously for the last two years.


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