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“It is very sad that the judicial system has failed”: Ram Madhav on Ayodhya verdict

Congregations of over 3500 seers from across the country have gathered to echo their stance over ordinance on Ram Mandir in one voice in New Delhi. Adding on to the Ram Mandir discourse, Ram Madhav, the National General Secretary of BJP mentioned ‘how the delay in the verdict of the Ayodhya dispute is perceived as a failure of the Judiciary system’.

“It’s a repeat of history and it is very sad that the judicial system has failed. The Judicial process is moving on and that has created a fuss among the supporters of Ram Mandir. Last chief justice said by October 29 the decision process of the Supreme Court will be started. But then again, the new CJI has delayed by several months. And because of this, there is an anxiety among the supporters.” Madhav said.

He added, “Ordinance is a way but I think the Supreme Court has its own concern.”


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