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Jitendra Chaudhury blames Govt for ‘worsening’ Law & Order situation

On Monday while addressing a Press Conference at the State CPIM party office, the popular veteran leader cum Ex MP Jitendra Choudhary highlighted and put his concern on various issues going these days in the state.

In the beginning with paying homage to all the recently passed party leaders and giving special importance and honour to the late martyred second hand police officer of Khowai slaughter incident he added the question mark on the present law and order situation of Tripura.

He projected a very intimidating and disturbing crime report to the media where he claimed 13 Murders, 23 Suicides, 12 Unnatural Deaths, 8 Kidnapping, 12 Crime on Women, in Last 21 Days in Tripura.

Later, he intuitively put the entire blame on the failed administration of BJP-IPFT led government.

Mocking the bypassed local bodies election, he again lambasted the ruling party BJP for winning every seat by means of despotism and debauchery.

Regardless, he also opened about their party plans in the upcoming days where they are planning a mass rally in the heart of Agartala including every section of peasants, farmers and jhum cultivators to challenge the central leadership on their stubborn depriving agricultural schemes.

In his ending lines, he requested the common people to be united and democratically overthrow this government.


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