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JRBT candidates protest against delay in recruitment

On Sunday, a gathering of JRBT applicants who have cleared the written tests staged a demonstration in front of Agartala City Centre.

They were protesting against the state government’s inability to finish the recruitment process, which has been pending for almost three years since the Joint Recruitment Board of Tripura (JRBT) exams were conducted.

The demonstrators demanded that eligible candidates be interviewed and recruited by the state government by July this year.

An upset applicant spoke to journalists and said, “It has been quite a while, and it is frustrating to keep repeating the same thing. We are not asking for any favours from the government by requesting these job opportunities. Instead, we are demanding jobs based on our skills and abilities.”

There has been a two-year delay in the announcement of the results.
The first phase of the exams, written exams was conducted in 2020 and few interviews took place before the process was postponed due to the Tripura assembly elections.


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