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Keep party workers under control: Rebati; Word of war between Pradyot Kishore and Rebati Tripura on social media

Word of war has begun between TIPRA Motha’s Chairman Pradyot Kishore Manikya DebBarma and BJP MP Rebati Tripura on social media (Facebook) the day after BJP leaders faced a protest in Ompi.

Supporters of TIPRA Motha were reportedly responsible for the fiery protest.

Rebati Tripura wrote a statement on his Facebook regarding the incident. “As the supremo of TIPRA Motha, the workers need to be controlled. Instead of doing this you are throwing challenges? I became an MP in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections after facing political challenges. I have to face political challenges since I am in politics.”

On the other hand, Pradyot Kishore replied, ” You have my mobile number, It is always available for you. On the other hand don’t talk to me through FB post or newspaper! I have been to your home (Quarter) and I will again come if invited.

However I don’t take veiled threats very kindly. Never try to drag the ancestral Rajbari into short term politics.

In reply to the post, Rebati wrote, “Dear Pradyot Bikram Manikya DebBarma, all political parties have equal rights to make public contact for expansion. Believing in a starkly different political philosophy won’t help in the upcoming polls. I also don’t like violence, so I would rather avoid that! Please tell your supporters the same! Thank You.”


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